Keeping A Promise I Made to Myself

My name is Alexis, I am 28 years old and I currently live in Birmingham, AL. Starting this blog is something I have wanted to do for about two years now. I’ve been paying for a domain for two years, and with the exception of renewing it every year, I have done nothing with it. I didn’t start when I first had the idea, because the excitement and eagerness I initially experienced, was quickly overshadowed by fear and self-doubt. And I let that fear and self-doubt stop me from doing something I really wanted to do. I’m still terrified at the thought of putting myself out there, but I’m no longer going to let it stop me.

So, here I am putting myself out there. Keeping a promise I made to myself. My goal for this blog is to hold myself accountable by documenting my journey in navigating what I feel is a transitional period in my life. And who knows, maybe it will resonate with someone who is experiencing something similar in their life.

I hope that this journey leads me towards living a life filled with love and ease. And if you have yet to discover what that life looks like for you, I hope that you find it, too.

xo- Alexis